May 19, 2024


What is the Smart Platform Alliance?

The Smart Platform Alliance is a global community of knowledge and technology providers in the domain of intelligent cities with the aim of serving as support and reference for cities and towns that want to implement solutions for Smart Cities.
Initially created by ITEA3 CitiSim and Establish consortiums, this community involves several international projects in the field of intelligent cities. Also, it is expected to be a mechanism to publicize their research and advanced solutions, as well as to become a way to increase visibility and impact in the market and to create possibilities to make business out of the results of the different projects. All the companies, research centers, and projects interested in the topic are encouraged to join the community.

The main goals

Some of the main goals of this community are:

  • Put smart city technological/knowledge providers in contact with other stakeholders like cities, communities, regions, etc.
  • Collaborate in the definition of standards, interoperability between components and platforms.
  • Disseminate the best solutions in the smart city domain.
  • Create a directory of solutions and providers in the smart city domain.
  • Integrate other alliances/associations and R&D&i projects.
  • Try to collaborate with other municipalities or civil associations

Disseminating knowledge in the field of the intelligent city ranges from standards to solutions or good practices. The main focus of dissemination is through the community website and through the creation of articles and sectoral reports developed by the members of the community and published through media and conferences.

In the same way, Another of the activities of the community is to publicize new calls for projects related to the smart cities and help to set up consortia to submit projects to such calls.

How to collaborate

At a technological level, a smart city solution can be seen as a horizontal platform and over it, a set of different verticals or thematic solutions are built.
The initial idea is that the interesting projects can contribute to the lead of the platform or a specific vertical: Environment, Water management, Smart Energy, Industry 4.0 , Waste collection, Mobility, tourism, e-government/citizens, security/emergencies, leisure and culture, urbanism, road infrastructure or internal nodes (buildings, ports, airports, train stations…).
Following this idea, Citisim already contributes to the lead of the platform and Establish leads the Environment vertical. However, proposals from other projects and partners to lead other aspects of the community are welcome. For that reason, if you are interested in joining this global community and collaborating in any way, just let us know.